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Directorate of Engineering

  • Reports to the Commissioner/CEO trough the DOE;
  • Receives, determines and classifies occurrence reports, including notifications of aviation occurrences;
  • Independently conduct ‘no-blame’ investigations of accidents and incidents according to the laws, regulations and international best practices;
  • Determination of the cause and\or contributory factors;
  • Prevent future accidents by identification of safety deficiencies and issuance of safety recommendations whereappropriate;
  • Fulfill Nigeria’s Obligations under the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Annex 13 Standards and Recommendation Practices);
  • Compilation, completions, and publication of final reports of accidents and incidents;
  • Encourage safety action in response to safety factors by acknowledging safety action taken by operators\manufacturers by issuing safety recommendations;
  • Raise awareness of safety issues by reporting publicly on investigation and conducting educational programs
  • Gain public trust that accidents are thoroughly and independently investigated leading to preventive measures;
  • Monitor investigations by others of significant incidents (judicial, NCAA, Airlines, etc);
  • Update relevant legislation, regulations, policies, and procedures;
  • Cooperate with the Authority to maintain a database of the voluntary non-punitive incident reporting system;
  • Coordinate with other local authorities military, police, airport authority, ATC service provider, search and rescue, judiciary, airline, maintenance facilities, hospitals, etc);
  • Liaise and collaborate with ICAO, other states and aviation industry on aircraft accidents and incidents investigation matters;
  • Conduct research and safety studies on air safety data for accident prevention purposes and to maintain relevant statistics;
  • Carrying out such other duties as may be assigned by the Commissioner/CEO.