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Interim Statement on British Aerospace BAe 125-800B Aircraft, 5N-BOO

Interim Statement on British Aerospace BAe 125-800B Aircraft, 5N-BOO

On 16th July, 2020 at 15:41 h, a BAe 125-800B aircraft with nationality and registration marks 5N-BOO, operated by Gyro Air Limited, departed Sultan Abubakar International airport, Sokoto (DNSO) for Port Harcourt International airport (DNPO) on an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plan for a positioning flight, with three crewmembers on board. The Pilot was the Pilot Flying (PF) while the Co-pilot was the Pilot Monitoring (PM).

At 16:41 h, 5N-BOO made contact with Port Harcourt Approach Control (APP) and reported estimates for Port Harcourt VOR (POT) as 17:03 h. Weather report for 16:30 h was passed to the crew as wind: 260/07 kt, visibility: 10 km, weather: nil, cloud: broken 240 m, QNH: 1012, temperature 25 °C, dew point: 23 °C.

At 16:55 h, 5N-BOO was cleared to descend flight level (FL) 070. At 17:00 h, 5N-BOO was further cleared to descend 2,400 ft on QNH 1013 hPa; and on reaching was cleared for ILS approach runway 21. 5N-BOO reported established on the extended runway centre line and continued the approach.

Report No: GAL/2020/07/16/INTR/02
Operator: Gyro Air Limited
Reg No: 5N-BOO
Aircraft Type: BAe 125-800B AircraftSerious Incident
Date Released: July 16, 2022
Status: Interim Statement
Download: PDF

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