Controlled Flight Into Terrain: OAS Helicopters Ecureuil A 350 B2, 5N-BKA, 29th July 2011


  • Report No
  • Reg. No
  • Operator
    OAS Helicopters Nigeria Limited
  • Aircraft Type
    Ecuruiel A 350 B2
  • Occurence
  • Report Date
    Monday, March 13, 2017


Accident Investigation Bureau was notified of the accident in the evening of 29th July 2011. Investigators were dispatched to the crash site the following morning. The international stake holders were notified of the accident, but no accredited representative participated in the investigation.

5N-BKA departed OAS helipad Maryland, Lagos at 0925hrs for Ilorin and had its initial contact with Ibadan at 0939hrs. The Pilot checked abeam Ibadan (west) at 0950hrs and requested to climb to 1,500ft on QNH 1014hPa, which was granted. At 1001hrs, Ibadan Control Tower called the pilot to confirm if he had two-way contact with Ilorin Control Tower. There was no reply from the aircraft.

The Controller reported to the Airspace Manager that somebody called the Airport Fire Service that she heard a ‘bang’ somewhere around Ife Odan. The caller confirmed the bang and the likelihood of an accident when she was called back, consequent upon which the Air Space Manager directed the Controller to get in touch with Ilorin, Lagos and other neighboring states and subsequently initiated a search and rescue operation.

The wreckage was later sighted at about 2250hrs same day at Ikonifin near Ife-Odan in a hilly terrain between Iwo and Ogbomoso. The accident occurred at about 1000hrs in daylight with 3 fatalities. The damage on both the main and the tail Rotor blades was consistent with engine on power.

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