# Report No Operator Reg. No. Aircraft Type Occurence Date Released Status
1 NPF/2012/03/14/F Nigeria Police Force 5N-POL Bell 427 Helicopter Accident 30/08/2017 Final Report
2 NCAT/2008/10/06/F Nigerian College of Aviation Technology 5N-CBC Tampico TB 9 Serious Incident 30/08/2017 Final Report
3 AIRPEACE/2017/04/20-001 Air Peace Limited 5N-BQR/ 5N-BQP Boeing 737-500/ 737-300 Incident 30/08/2017 Final Report
4 DANA/2012/06/03/F Dana Airlines Nigeria Limited 5N-RAM Boeing MD-83 Accident 13/03/2017 Final Report
5 PICOMSS/07/05/2012/F Presidential Implementation Committee on… 5N-BKS Diamond DA-42 Serious Incident 13/03/2017 Final Report
6 OAS/2011/07/29/F OAS Helicopters Nigeria Limited 5N-BKA Ecuruiel A 350 B2 Accident 13/03/2017 Final Report
7 BH/2013/02/27/F Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Limited 5N-BOA Sikorsky S-92 Serious Incident 13/03/2017 Final Report
8 First Interim Statement Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Limited 5N-BGD Sikorsky S-76C+ Accident 12/08/2016 Final Report
9 PAAN/2010/04/16/F Pan African Airlines Nigeria Limited 5N-BFU Bell 412 EP Serious Incident 16/03/2016 Final Report
10 PAAN/2012/10/27/F Pan African Nigeria Limited 5N-BFF Bell 206 L4 Accident 16/03/2016 Final Report
11 WINGS/2008/03/15/F WINGS Aviation 5N-JAH Beech 1900D Accident 21/05/2015 Final Report
12 AERO/08/21/2010/F Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Limi… 5N-BLE Boeing 737-500 64 21/05/2015 Final Report
13 OAS/2006/11/10/F OAS Helicopters Nigeria Limited 5N-BHU AS 350 B2 Accident 21/05/2015 Final Report
14 BH/2011/07/14/F Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Limited 5N-BMM Cessna Citation 560XLS Accident 21/05/2015 Final Report
15 Nil Aviation Development Company (Liberia) I… 5N-BEE McDONNEL-DOUGLAS DC-9-81 Accident 16/03/2013 Final Report
16 01/2008 (BH/2007/08/03/F) Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Limited 5N –BIQ Bell 412 EP Accident 15/02/2013 Final Report
17 AIB/AERO/2008/03/24/F Aero Contractors Nigeria Ltd 5N-BJF Daulphin AS 365 N2 Accident 15/02/2013 Final Report
18 2/2009 (BLV 2005/10/22/F) Bellview Airlines Limited 5N – BFN Boeing 737 – 200 Accident 15/02/2013 Final Report
19 ADC/2006 /10 /29/F) Aviation Development Company PLC 5N-BFK Boeing 737-2B7 Serious Incident 15/02/2013 Final Report
20 AIB/DHL/2006/09/07/F DHL Aviation (PTY) Limited ZS –DPF Boeing 727-277 Accident 15/02/2013 Final Report